Franchise Opportunities

                               Business Proposal

Synergy Academy (SA), with a core group of management professionals having wide industry and consultancy experience, offers parallel/concurrent education programmes.

Our key programmes of education series are the MBA entrance CAT, the GRE, and the GMAT (in class programs and correspondence coaching program) as well as Tests of Bank POs, Clerical services, Company campus tests for recruitment numbering nearly thirty five different types of tests.

 Our Mission is to coach , and mentor students and career seekers by imparting them the required skills and knowledge towards better academic and professional life. SA endeavors to become one of the largest coaching providers in this segment.

What does Synergy Academy offer

Synergy Academy offers a bouquet of coaching and test preparation programs for CAT & MBA Entrance Tests of Institutes of     repute in India, numbering about 50 top Management Institutes.

  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
  • Graduate Management Administration Test (GMAT) Scholastic Admission Test (SAT)
  • American College Testing (ACT)
  • Undergraduate college Test like LSAT in India and abroad which are aptitude based.
  • Bank PO LIC, GIC and other tests which are basically aptitude tests with elements of General Awareness tests, and other Pvt. Bank Tests too.
  • Campus recruitments to reputed companies like Infosys, Wipro and others which are again aptitude test based.
  • Overseas placement Services to students including counseling and facilitation of placements in UG and Graduate College.
  • Online correspondence courses with a maximum coaching support for all courses. Publication of books of Test Prep. Guides for direct market sales.
  • SA ensures that the target segment is made aware of the suitability of the coaching programs and ensures high conversion.
  • SA modulates the entire life cycle of the program from content preparation and coaching to the full execution of the program.

 Indian Education Scenario – Some Facts

  • Education Sector has 30% of all franchising business in India
  • There are about 50,000 franchised education centers and only about 2200 are company-based outlets.
  • Education franchisee business is about ` 20,000 crores in India.
  • Huge Education & Training Sector.

Proposal for Business Partnerships.

We , at Synergy ,are always on the lookout for like-minded entrepreneurs who wish to make a difference in the field of education. If you have a passion for education and are eager to be a part of an expanding global education franchise network, do contact us immediately.


SA offers a unique business partnership opportunity to help you and your business grow. We believe growth is achieved by forging partnerships and alliances.

If you are interested in charting a successful and profitable future for yourself while actively contributing to bringing about a qualitative and positive difference to the future of thousands of young individuals in making their dreams come true, here is a unique opportunity SA offers.

You are this individual, who  wants personal independence, superior earning potential and opportunity to provide a valuable and respected service to the community by helping shape the careers and future of many aspiring and young individuals, then owning and managing a Synergy Academy Franchise can be one of your best choices.

SA finds a huge opportunity in the segment of business selected and plans to come up with a string of top-notch education centres across the country which will offer quality and yet cost-effective coaching to thousand of students in preparing them for bright & prosperous carees.

Target Markets

 Market for supplemental education (Test prep. and Vocational training combined) is estimated at Rs. 50,000 crores and for such    aptitude testing the market is estimated at Rs.20,000 crore, growing year on year 25%

       Reasons for growth to be healthy

  • Schools/colleges not capable to cope with the changing requirements of fundamental career skills.
  • Emergence of specialised and new age careers suitable to the demands of work environment.
  • Online technology to distribute content remotely and simultaneously has increased scope of market.
  •  Increasing education spends.

Market Segment

SA is a new entrant to this huge market conservatively estimated presently of about Rs. 10,000 crore being catered to 9-10 pan-India players and 5-6 regional ones and the rest is by local teaching outfits and individuals as well as self-study learners. The coverage of market presently by organised entities is limited to 25% leaving room for new entities like us to enter. The annual market growth is estimated presently at more than 30% with new regions and earlier untouched student segments opting for such services.

SA Products and Services

Synergy Academy is initially into the business of parallel education with focus on preparatory coaching programs of CAT and other MBA Entrance Tests, GRE, GMAT, SAT, Campus Tests and Recruitment Test respectively for Bank PO/Companies-Public, Private MNCs in India conducted throughout the year. The principal focus, now will be these, with future plans to expand to skill-based training programs, test administration services, test related books & other publications and other areas of parallel education that have relevance and market potential.

 Why SA

     Competitive Advantage

  • Quality, innovative, effective
  • Technology enabled quick scaling,coaching and delivery.
  • Cost-effective too
  • Wide ranging options offered to a college or a school-leaving student
  • A ‘bundled’ offering to particular segments of students looking to options.

Why is it beneficial to you?

  • Reduces risk
  • Proven profitability.
  • Leverage of Franchisor’s capabilities, support in domain & experience
  • Systems-based so that expectations are logical and time-bound
  • Reduced start-up time
  • Maximum returns with minimum efforts
  • Defined division of responsibilities 

Franchisee Proposal Outlook         

You can be our Franchisee partner and become a part of an exciting high returns business - Today!

  • Aim is to create all India Franchisee network
  • National and Regional Marketing will be done by us while you concentrate on local marketing.
  • High quality academic content coaching material & effective course design, class room (virtual & real) and correspondence  teaching, practice & test material for effective-build-up.
  • Systems driven and structured management of the franchisee with no hassles
  • Excellent Revenue and Profit opportunity
  • Total help by Franchisor in establishing the franchisee in a limited period of time.

  Franchisee in a Nutshell

  • Each franchisee will be given a specific area/location to operate, so that viable business volume and profits are ensured.
  • Will have exclusivity to the region
  • Will have freedom to market locally in any innovative manner.
  • Division of Franchisor/Franchisee responsibilities will be defined
  • Ideal for budding entrepreneurs, owners of existing allied business, training centres.


  • Centre to have a minimum space of 1500-2000 sq.ft. carpet area.
  • Experience in education sector preferable (MBA entrepreneurs will be given weight age)
  • Proven leadership qualities & passion for education and its business

   Capability to invest Rs. 4.5 L to 5 L (based on own space or rented etc.) including Synergy royalty fees.

  Initial Investment

The total investment as required is to be made in a time span of 2 months by leasing space, furniture & furnishings and hiring the  suggested number of staff required for the functions to be handled by the hiring.

The investment as franchisee which include the franchisee royalty fees (non-refundable) of Rs.1,50,000 payable to the franchisor as a ‘signing amount’ once the terms are agreed and agreement signed.

 What our Franchisee will get

         We offer the following

  • A SA Test Prep Franchise in the prescribed area and centre, to operate under the brand name of SA with associated goodwill and support.
  • All academic responsibility  and support from SA  including course with study material academic staff and class room coaching material & support and total academic administration and technology enabled virtual classroom technology & backbone.
  • National & Regional marketing support including SA’s marketing staff coordinating and providing system support
  • Training to market product knowledge
  • Consulting support advanced & preferential eligibility for SA’s future products & services.

What do you get for the Franchise?

    We expect the following

  • Space, furniture and furnishing of the Franchisee (as per Franchisor’s guidance).
  • Administrative including frontdesk, local marketing (not exceeding 3) and franchisee entrepreneurs’ full time, efforts and creativity.
  • Local Marketing efforts and promotion including suitable publicity material  etc.
  • Ability to plan and effectively execute all activities to achieve the minimum year-on-year targets fixed by the Franchisor to enable, achieve the sales revenue and profits in a time bound manner.
  • Drive and passion to perform and excel.

  What to Expect

 ROI of more than 51% per year with a payback period of 2 years maximum. Details of expected Revenues and Profits  will be shared  separately to the shortlisted franchisee aspirants only.

 By partnering with Synergy Academy you are assured of –

  • Cutting edge contemporary programs
  • Goodwill of ‘Synergy’ brand name
  • Subsidised rates
  • Closed used-group
  • Technical know-how in academic delivery and pedagogy Centre operations, academic product sales and marketing training.
  • High quality (content and print) academic material and faculty support
  • Periodic program upgrade as per market feedback
  • Business support teams
  • Support networks
  • Class room - Real and virtual classroom teaching, coaching, guiding and mentoring.

 Regional network management

     Specifics of our products

  • Unique Course design and delivery
  • Tested Product
  • Proven commercial viability-premium-viable value for money
  • Complete marketing & sales kit, training material, guidance and mentoring in academic, administrative and business relationships with partners, marketing and additional support-events
  • Administration & start-up support
  • Growth and networking opportunities
Presently the above-cited Synergy Academy Test Prep Franchise Proposal is open at the following centres in India:  Centers List